Thursday, July 29, 2010

The "Perfect" Home

I said I wasn't going to wait a month before my next post... well a month to the day.. here it is.

I've been thinking for a while that I wanted to do a post about the biggest purchase of my entire life ... so far. Pretty scary to think about still. I own a home. Wow. It's been 9 months and still feels like yesterday I signed the papers.

To start this out fairly I have to say when I was house hunting I was engaged to Jason. This was the house we were going to share together with my pup and his two cute little off spring. It was going to be "our" home. No one told us it wasn't as easy as just going to the lender and saying I want this house so hook me up! I had a lot of credit repairing to do with my credit score (thanks to being young and dumb at 18) and he had a lot of credit cleaning up to do with his.

I couldn't wait during the credit repair time on looking at houses. I was determined to have our house picked out and ready to go so when we did get that call all we had to do was make an offer. I was so excited about the whole process .. we were all over the web, roads, and newspapers looking for our PERFECT home. We had looked for something to satisfy both of our needs/wants. He wanted a shop and a nice yard. I was more into the good school district, nice size home and garage was a MUST. I came to realize real quick I have a champagne taste on a beer budget. I imagined a brand new home, four bedroom, three bath, shop, huge fenced in back yard with a beautiful patio. Not the case for our budget. Thank God I had Jason there to bring me down a few levels and remind me daily this was our FIRST home and it wasn't going to be everything I had dreamed of. Not yet. That was for later down the road. Once I got the hang of what was in our budget and what to look for I loved every minute of house hunting. We were so blessed to have the BEST realtor ever who helped us with anything we needed at any time of day. I still cant talk enough about how great she was.

Finally after what seemed like 3 years(only 6 months) we were free and clear to go find a house. That was such a exciting day for both of us. I'm pretty sure I shed a few tears when I got the call to "Go look your approved"!

My determined paid off in the end. We had found the perfect house about a week before the exciting your approved call. We had looked at the house two times before then. We would go look at the house then go to dinner and sit and talk and dream. What we wanted to do here, there, and what all we could do over time to it. He mostly just talked about what all he could do with the shop and yard... BORING! I dreamed big of every room in the house. Bathrooms, Kitchen, Living room, Sun room... It was just perfect.

As soon as the your approved call came we were at our realtor's office. I honestly think it was within a matter of a few hours we had the offer on the table. We only had to counter offer once before they accepted our offer and the house was OURS!! I'm not a very patient person so the next month of waiting, inspections, fix this, fix that, and getting my closing date pushed back seemed like FOREVER! I could go on and on about how we were going to close on October 27th but didn't get to till October 30th at 4:00 PM.. but I will leave that one alone. I think this is getting long enough... so here is to the good part. As of October 30th 2009 at 4:45 we were home owners. It was one of the most exciting times of my life. I felt so grown up and responsible.

I tried a lot in this post to refer to this house as "ours" or "we" because when I was going thru the process that is what it was. In February me and Jason decided to take a good long break from the engagement and part ways. I can safely say this house is now "mine". I still love everything about it and wouldn't change any of the things that have happened since I signed the papers. If it wasn't for him I would have been way over my head with a house payment right about now. We both have wishes that one day the house will be "ours" again... but we are leaving that to God. We want a blessed marriage and have decided that if God wants us to be together for life then we can wait till marriage to move in again.

So after the long post about all the house things... here are the pictures of my PREFECT home.

Outside of the house front and side

Beautiful oak tree, back yard, and porches.

Living Room

Dinning room minus table (it was messy) :)

Extra bedrooms & Bella


I would have posted pictures of the kitchen, master bedroom, and master bath but they are not clean enough for this! Ha. Still new at all of this and not quite sure how to make this bigger. I'm guessing its a learn how as you go thing! :) Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's been a month already...

I haven't even noticed its been over a month since my last post. Time fly's when your having fun...

Where to start...

I had a house warming shower in June and got a lot of great goodies. :) There was a wonderful turn out with a lot of friends, family, and co-workers. I wish I would have taken more pictures of the table, hostesses, people there but I never thought to get my camera out. I will have to get better about that. Next post I'll put a few pictures from the shower, the new house, and a few of the sweet things I got.

It's been a VERY hot summer so far here in Texas. I have done whatever I can to avoid most of the heat and a lot of that avoiding is taking trips. It's not any cooler in Dallas but there is A LOT more to do to stay out of the heat. During 4th of July weekend me and Jason went to Dallas for the weekend. We did some shopping (wasn't his favorite), eating, laying around, sight seeing, and my favorite thing of the trip was Medieval Times. I had never been their before so this was a first for me. I was like a little kid screaming and yelling for our color. They didn't win but it still was a blast.

(Table Card @ Medieval Times)

(The BEAUTIFUL knight I yelled for)

(Yummy fried pickles @ Love & War in Texas)

I also wanted to share how excited I am about a new purchase I made for the house. I think I have found a new best friend in Seriously. I was looking at Lowes, Home Depot, and a few other lighting places around Texarkana for a new light to go above my dinning room table.. with no luck. I found a few things I like but all cost over $300. Sorry but I just didn't have a budget to spend that much... until I found CSN Stores. I got this light for only $120 and that's with shipping! It lists at $580 so needless to say I was VERY excited! My dinning area has no light right now (just a ceiling fan.. Weird) so this will be MUCH needed!

Hopefully the next post wont be a month from now. I will make that a new goal of mine. Have a great weekend!