Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's finally FALL!

I LOVE fall!! Ok I said it...I have been patiently waiting for this time of year to get here and FINALLY it has arrived. I took a trip up to the attic stairs to pull out all my fall things. Im pretty sure half of them went missing in the move. :( So... What does that mean? A shopping trip to Hobby Lobby! I'm going to share a few of my new favorite things and a few things I did find in the attic!

Not a very clear picture but this is a new favorite. I call this my $7 bargain!

I have two of these wreaths. One on each front door. I love them! Is this upside down or is that just my picture taking skills?

These two cute little scarecrow figures I got at Hobby Lobby. I only paid $8 for each of them. Not bad and I think they are super cute to welcome everyone.

The pumpkin I got at Hobby Lobby... Can you tell I love that store? The picture frame my aunt gave me for hosting a show for her. I think its precious but I still need to find the right picture for it.

This little cutie Jason got for me last year. This is the big one and he got me a little one just like it. I have them placed on my dinner room table for now.

I had said in the last post I would share my goodies that I got from the savory pantry. Here is a picture of what I got and you can find their website here... I am waiting for a cold night to make this chili and I will for sure let you know who it turns out!

One last thing.... I said earlier that my aunt Amanda just started selling Thirty One gifts. I call her my aunt but really she is just 5 years older than me. Kind of nice to have a aunt your so close in age with! She hosted her own first Thirty One show last month. I got a few things but really wanted to save what I wanted for my show. Here is what I got at her show... and I must say I LOVE my apron!!!

Its hump day and the week is almost over! Whoo Hoo! Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather as much as I am!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Weekends seem to go by to fast!

Its been a few weeks so I need to play catch up for everyone! :)

To start out... last weekend I had a garage sale at the house. I thought having a garage sale would be a fun and easy way to make some extra money. After moving I just had tons of stuff I wanted to get rid of. Well... I will eat my words. Easy way to make money and garage sale do NOT go in the same sentence! It was a week worth of getting stuff ready and pricing it, waking up at 6 AM when I am NOT a morning person on Saturday morning, then picking up afterwards! Just not my idea of fun! I wont complain to much though... I did make a little over $300 and everyone else seemed to do pretty well also. I was all set to take some pictures that morning once everything was set up but people started showing up in herds and that idea was forgotten real quick.

Right after the garage sale Saturday I had to start getting ready for my Thirty one party the following Tuesday! YAY! My aunt Amanda just started selling Thirty one so I told her I would have a party to help her get started. Plus... They do have all kinds of cute things! I was excited to get to see all the ladies who showed up and eat all the good food. I love a good reason to cook for people! I was able to get a few pictures from the party but none with all the ladies! Thank you to everyone who showed up and I hope you had as much fun as I did!
(P.S. I did NOT make the cake! All the thanks go to Silver Spoon for the cute cake.)

This past weekend my job hosted a golf tournament in Cabot, Ar and Lisa and myself got the pleasure of working the tournament. It was a BEAUTIFUL golf course and a even more beautiful day to be out enjoying the beautiful creation we live on. Us two ladies were brought down to be the water girls and I cant think of a better way to work and get paid. We had about 55 golfers who showed up to play and I think the tournament turned out great. This was our first event like this to host and I look forward to doing many more in the future. Here are a few pictures of the beautiful golf course and me and Lisa playing around. Oh... I will add that we only ALMOST flipped the golf cart one time! The guys playing started running to us and caught us and helped us back up on the path way. Needless to say we were the entertainment for a good half hour.

Jason was able to go to Cabot with me so Friday after the golf festivities were done we headed to Hot Springs for a night. On the way out of Little Rock we stopped in the neighborhood he grew up in as a child and it was nice to be able to see that with him. I think he was a little more excited than I was after driving around for a hour to finally find it! Hot springs was beautiful as always and such a pretty day to walk around all the little shops. Saturday morning we woke up pretty early to go eat breakfast at the famous Pancake House. If you have been to Hot Springs and not ate there I highly suggest you put that on the list of things to do. Be prepared to wait a bit because this place is very popular! If you have to wait no worries because the savory pantry is next door and they have some delicious items. I will share what I got in the next post!

It was a great weekend over all and I have decided next weekend I am staying home to rest and watch some football. I have missed watching my cowboys play and looks like after last week they are back on track! :)

Oh yea... I cant forget to mention that I got to spend some time with this cutie this weekend. This is a good friend Megan and her husband Jeff's new baby boy. His name is Ryker and he is the cutest little baby. I just love the baby smell. He wanted to show off a few of his cute faces while I was there to!

Oh a quick side note please keep my family in your prayers. My cousin passed away last week unexpected and left behind four children. Three of the four were small boys and the kids are not doing very well. Thank you and I know they will appreciate it.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Little bit of this, Little bit of that.

A few weekends ago Jason and I went to Shreveport to see a good friends play. Carter, a long time friend, played a beauty queen in this number. It was BY FAR the funniest play I have ever seen. The title of the show was called "Pageant" and was put on by the Bossier Arts Council. A short summary of the play...there are six men all playing women who compete for the title of Miss Glamouresse. The entire two hours the audience was laughing till they cried! Here is little picture of me and Carter after the play and a picture of the cast members.

Labor day weekend was a blast but it was go, go, go all weekend! I took off work Thursday and Friday so I could have a five day weekend. Thank goodness I did! Thursday early afternoon we (Jason, Donovan, and myself) left for Dallas. We had purchased tickets for the Cowboys last preseason game against Miami. After getting stuck in traffic for a hour and a half with out moving a foot we FINALLY got to Dallas around 5:30. The game started at 7 so we did a little eating then went straight to the game. It was the first football game for all of us and more exciting was the new stadium! Super nice! We also picked a great game to watch... The cowboys won it in the last few seconds of the game. After the game we were walking back to the car and got LOST!!! When I say lost.. we walked around for a hour looking with no luck. Jason finally spotted a taxi and they found our car for us! Thank you Jesus for the taxi man!

(Donovan was sooo excited to be at the game. He yelled the entire time with me!)

Friday morning me and Donovan got up and did some school clothes shopping. Gosh I didn't know my taste was so far behind for boys... It was like shopping with my mom all over again. What he loved I hated and what I loved he hated! We FINALLY found a middle ground and left with quite a few new things for him and Alyssa. Friday evening we headed back to Texarkana so Jason could help his mother and step father move.

Sunday morning Jason and I went on a float trip down the Caddo with a good group of people. I was so excited to get to hang out with Brooke and her husband Brad. I really do miss them and it seems like we never have enough time to see each other! As soon as we got back from the float trip Sunday evening we headed to Shreveport with Jason's father to gamble a bit. He was soo gracious enough to give us $100 each to spend. He is such a wonderful man and so sweet to us. We didn't get home from Shreveport till about 2 in the morning and after that I was calling it a weekend. Monday I laid and got caught up on my house work and ready for the work week. How was your Labor day weekend?

I was going to end this but I just remembered I forgot something VERY important! I got a new puppy! A lady I work with was looking for a new home for her Yorkie and I gladly told her I would take her! She is a little tiny thing compared to my Bella but super sweet. Shes only about a year old and we still have some house training work to do but we will get there! So here she is... Welcome Abby Too to our family!

Hope everyone is having a great work week and will have a even better weekend! :) Its the start of football season this weekend! I know that alone will keep me excited ALL weekend!