Friday, June 10, 2011

Florida - Day 3

This is up a bit later than I had planned! Oops..

Friday of our vacation was all about this special couple below! They are the reason we traveled to Florida. My cousin Jason was marrying the sweetest lady... Regina! We couldn't be happier than to have her in our family... even though she has felt like family for quite some time!

After the wedding we took tons of pictures. Everyone was dressed up and on the beach so why not.. right? So... You wonderful blog readers get to enjoy all our pictures! :)

The Family

Hunter and Krystal

Uncle Ronnie and Christie

Mom with her kids and grandkids

The kiddos being so sweet!

"This picture taking stuff is taking too long... I'll just play"

Me and my wonderful grandmother!

Aunt Nita and Bobby

If you are still with me....

After the wedding festivities we headed to Fudpuckers in Destin. This was honestly the best place to go after a beach wedding! It was so entertaining for the kids and the atmosphere was just great! Not to mention the fried pickles were the boom diggity! Yes... I said it!

They had over 100 alligators and tons of turtles! I highly recommend this place if you have kids.. they loved it!

You can even feed the alligators!

After stuffing our faces and playing with dangerous animals we went to the safe place... the beach!

The boys headed out on jet skis this day so it was just us girls... and Bobby!

My day consisted of Diet Cokes and Sunscreen for the kids!

It was beautiful!!

We got Miss Thang in bed around 8:30 after a long day! She would not admit she was tired... she would just say she was cuddled up on the couch because she was "cold"! I put on SpongeBob in the back bedroom and she was out before her head hit the pillow!

Lucky for us my mother said she would watch her so we could go across the street to the fun park! They had this three story wooden go kart track (that I'm now kicking myself for not taking a picture of) that was so much fun! I'm pretty sure I rode it about three times! I felt like a big kid on that thing!

Donovan wanted to do the water bumper thingy... so he did.

They also had a pond with the largest goldfish I have ever seen! So pretty in all the different colors!

Day three was a huge success! 

Lots of beach time, pictures of our awesome condo, and sand crab hunting to come!

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