Friday, June 24, 2011

Flower Beds - Done!

I talked here about my dream for my flower beds. My dream finally came true!!!

My parents were ever so sweet to give us flower beds for our wedding present. I'm sure some might think that was crazy... I think it was perfect!!

This is a look at our house when we were in the process of purchasing it...

This is our house about a month ago and how it has looked for the past year! The tree got taken down as soon as we bought the house (not by choice... it was dying). Four months after we moved in we took down all the shrubs. We just weren't a fan of how large they were or the look of it. I think it just really aged the house...

Notice the front porch furniture... Look real hard. It's almost the color of the brick and blends in well...

A work in progress!

The FINISHED flower beds complete with a sprinkler system... because without I would kill everything. I am the world's worst plant keeper.

A look from the other side of the house.

Now look at the front porch furniture. I painted them white and it made such a HUGE difference!!!

Here is the side of the house that I showed pictures of here! I wanted to do a side by side comparison! It looks like a new house to me!

We are so grateful for our parents!! We seriously wouldn't have been able to do this on our own! Thank you so much!

Now I'm off to pull weeds. I'm happy I have a cute little six year olds help this summer... She's still young and thinks pulling weeds are FUN! :)

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