Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July - Cake Edition

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!! It's so nice to have a day off work to reflect on why we celebrate the 4th!

We are usually at the lake for the 4th but with Jason's broken foot we decided to stay home this year.

Saturday I took the kids swimming at my Aunts! Just so you know... I LOVE salt water pools!! It was so sweet of her to let us swim!

Sunday we got up early and headed to church. Right after church I came home and spent all afternoon baking my first cake from scratch! I love to cook but baking is a different story! I have always loved trying to bake but nothing turns out right... unless it comes out of a box. How can you mess up directions to add eggs and oil?

I found the recipe here and thought this was sooo cute and festive! We had a Sunday school class party Sunday night so I decided to make this for our class! Even if it didn't taste right at least it would be cute! Ha.

This is what everyone else did while I baked...

Something about sleeping makes them look so sweet!

Ok... Back to the cake!

I took this baby everywhere I went for the next two days. It was huge and Lord knows I don't need any of the four sticks of butter icing sticking to my thighs!!

I took it to the Sunday school party that night, then over to Ryan and Cans house for a little party with fireworks. The next day what was left I took to my grandparents to a 4th of July dinner over there.

 I was determined to not take any home... and we didn't!

The cake was good... but if you want me to be honest. Next time I make this... I will use a box mix for the cake part. Just sayin...

Happy LATE 4th of July!

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  1. i agree that tastewise you can hardly beat a box cake but what a good looking cake! It's sooo pretty!