Friday, September 9, 2011

Giveaways... What do you think about them?

I think giveaways are fun! Really I do..

Granted I never win anything but I always think hosting them for others to win would be awesome!

I have hosted one giveaway before with CSN stores and I thought it went great. I love to shop there so I knew that they were getting something awesome!

I have been contacted lately by a company who wanted me to host a giveaway for them. The product they wanted to me advertise/giveaway is labels. These would be cute to use at Christmas time or for different things of that sort. The only draw back I have is I have never heard of this company. Then I started thinking that maybe someone would like to have free labels regardless if I know about the company. Anything free is great... right?

My question is what do you think about giveaways?

How do you handle it when people ask if you would like to host one for them?

Do you only host them for people/products you have heard of?

What would you think if they asked for the e-mail address of the winner? Is this common?

Would you be interested in me hosting giveaways for fee stuff even if it is labels?

Just a few things on my mind that I thought I would ask! Let me know what you think or your opinions!


  1. This is funny...(I know I have an odd sense of humor). I just got here linking from a Giveaway that you won on Shabby Nest......

    So now that you have won.... what do you think about them??

  2. I like giveaways. I assume that they are an online label company and they need the winner's address to email them a gift certificate or online code to redeem for the labels. It think that is pretty common and some companies need the winners address to mail them the prize. I would be interested in entering a label giveaway b/c we just moved and I need mailing labels with the new address :)