Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Honeymoon - Part Uno

We left for our honeymoon the Thursday after the wedding. Jason worked half a day and we headed for Dallas around 1:00 to fly out at 7:00. When we arrived in Las Vegas it was 7:30 their time... 9:30 our time! Jason had gone to work that working so he has been up since 5:30 ... he was one tired hubby!

We checked into our hotel room and went down to look around. The casino/hotels are so huge that we spent most of the night looking around our hotel. We decided to just eat dinner at our hotel and head off to bed pretty early. We were both asleep by 11:30 Vegas time.. 1:30 our time! The time change takes a bit to get used to!!!

We had one of these in our room...

Day 1 - Friday morning we got up pretty early (thanks to the internal alarm clocks) and headed out to sight see! Jason has never been to Vegas so all of this was new to him! We grabbed some breakfast and were outside walking by 10:00!! I was so looking forward to sleeping in... Didn't happen!

It was such a pretty day our first full day there. I think the weather was around 70ish and sunny. It was a bit windy but nothing we couldn't handle. We walked, and walked, and walked, and walked..... Any weight I thought I might gain on our honeymoon was definitely walked off this day!!!

Our fabulous hotel....

He would enjoy the naken women...

Went to the M & M Store...

That evening we decided to go down to Fremont Street! We loved it there! I'm going to assume its because there were not 8000 crazy spring break college kids drunk all over the place! It was more laid back and a lot better gambling tables! :) I could have stayed on the Roulette table all night. What I won... Jason lost at blackjack! Its ok... We had a blast loosing our money!

We saw a few famous people....

Even got to model with a bear...

Fremont street was a blast... but there is more to come.... At a later time...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Toothless Beauty

Look at this precious face...

Alyssa lost TWO teeth yesterday! She got home from school and one of her top toothies was missing. This tooth had been loose for awhile now and we were expecting the tooth fairy visit any night now. She was so proud when she got home from school to show everyone her missing tooth and that the one right beside it was already loose!

After bath time Alyssa came in the living room with ANOTHER tooth in her hand! Apparently she went to her bed room after her bath and pulled the other tooth out! She soon noticed the blood and then started the tears! Poor thing... She soon dried her face when we told her that the tooth fairy paid double for two teeth in one night! Sweet girl...

I love this tooth pillow we got her at the Mistletoe Fair. It has been put to good use over the last few months...

The first question she asked me this morning when I woke her up was "Why does the tooth fairy need my teeth?" ... Well.. She needs them to build her house of course! Ha. I wasn't sure what to say... but it sounded good at the time and Miss thang bought it! Score!

Here she is on the way to school this morning proud of her toothless mouth!

Alyssa started Cheernastics tonight... and LOVED IT! Here she is before we started... Just wanted to share how cute this is!

Ok... It is my bed time now.. It has been a long night at the Randalls!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Projects

The weather here is prefect... I mean just honestly BEAUTIFUL!!! Right now its 62 outside and the high today is 81. There is a light breeze... I wish I would have called in sick!

With all this beautiful weather I'm thinking it's time to do some yard work. I hate yard work but for some reason I am all for it... today. I'm hoping I can talk the hubby into digging right in this weekend! We have so much that needs to be done around our house it's impossible to do everything we want right now. First on my list is this pretty thing...

(It will NOT flip... so lean your head to the right)

I am all about demolishing these bricks that the old owner put up. I guess this was his make shift flower bed that has now turned into a weed box!! I am going to get my hammer and go at it! I want it all gone and I want something like this up... Well not those plants but that border for sure...

I do not have a green thumb. I wish I did. I can't even keep an ivy alive. I don't know what's right to plant where? I don't have the slightest idea where to start in doing something like this but that is what the Internet is for... right? I think I can handle it... with the honeys help!

The other project is to tackle the front yard... We have no flower beds in the front yard. When we moved in the house looked like this...

All it had was over grown bushes! Nothing with color.... just green blah! I want some COLOR folks!! I guess what we have now is no better... We have pulled up EVERYTHING that was in the front. I mean everything... bare down to the bone.

I hope this is a good thing when you want to start over. It's like having a fresh pallet to work on... right? Something like this is what I hope for... Clean, Simple, Easy to maintain, just pretty. I would maybe add a bit more color.

I expressed my excitement to the hubby last night and he wasn't as thrilled as me. He doesn't want to tear down the bricks, dig a trench for the sprinkler system, till up the front yard, or mix in sheep poop in the yard right now. I think he knows too well that he will be working while I watch... or attempt to get in the way. I will have him on board by tomorrow... If not I will take a hammer and go at the brinks myself. Ha. You might want to get a video camera!

If you live near me come over tomorrow and bring your hammer! We can have a brick splitting party! :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rehearsal Dinner

Here is your warning... There are ALOT of pictures in this post!

After our rehearsal at the grandparent’s house we headed over to Chappos! We both love Chappos! I personally think it’s the BEST Italian restaurant in Texarkana. We invited all of our out of town guests and everyone who was part of our wedding party. We honestly had the best time just sitting and visiting with everyone. The dinner was fabulous and the company was even better!

Jason’s dad and my grandfather did a few speeches and we were able to give a few gifts to the special people in our lives and wedding party.

I'm going to say the rehearsal dinner was the first time in a few weeks that I could sit down, relax, and enjoy a meal without feeling stressed about the wedding. At this point everything had come together and what hadn't wasn't going to and I wasn't going to stress over it. Please let me add in that NOTHING would have come together as wonderfully as it did without my families help! My grandmother, mom, Jason’s mother, and a few aunts came in town early to help! They were seriously life savers! So to the family that reads this...from the bottom of my heart Thank you!

The hubby and I

 A table of my side of the family

Dad, Krystal, and Hunter

Amanda, Kellen, Eric, and Greenbean

Billy and Char

John and Nita - Jasons Parents

The best mother in the world!

My wonderful grandmother

The Cooper Family

Alyssa and her gift!

The bag for the bridesmaid gifts

If you are still with me... God bless you! Sometimes it's best to use this as a journal but in doing that you share it with everyone else!

This morning with the kiddos went pretty smooth! I woke up late so we were a little rushed but I made it to work on time which is a huge plus! I was able to talk Alyssa into a large bow for her hair! That always excites me! I wish this girl would enjoy dresses and bows.. but she's happy in jeans and a tee shirt! One day... Maybe one day she will get as excited about new clothes for her as I do!

Hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Back to the real world... with kids!

Today it's back to the real world. I don't know what to do with myself honestly... I know I am still capable of spilling a drink all over my desk. Literally just did it again...

I should have bought myself a sippy cup while in Vegas. One of the cute ones with my name on it..

Today was my first day back to work! It was also my first day to get up early and be responsible for TWO kids getting to school. More power to you mothers!!!

Donovan was easy peasy... I woke him up and before I could even get Miss Thang up and started with getting clothes on he was dressed, teeth brushed, hair mess taken care of, shoes and socks on... and ready to go! The only thing I had to remind him of was deodorant... no taco pits for him! It must be a boy thing! Miss Thang was another story! She wants to take 20 mins to brush her teeth, 20 mins to eat breakfast, 10 mins to put on socks (Seriously). I am going to have to start a kitchen timer for her in the mornings I can already see it!

I do have a few questions for you mothers!!

1. What do you feed your kiddos for breakfast? I am not one to get up and cook but I don't think pop tarts are very healthy!! Ideas here? (Cereal takes Miss Thang WAY TO LONG to eat!!) Something easy for me... and easy for them to eat! Maybe even take on the road if we are running late...

2. How you do end the battle of what to wear in the mornings for girls? She’s not a fan of what I pick out and never wants to wear cute bows in her hair!! Do you not fight that battle and let her wear socks with sandles?? Ugh...

3. How much TV time do you allow your kids at night? Do you let them come straight home and watch TV all night as long as homework is taken care of? I would rather they not stay on the TV or game system all night long!!

4. What’s a good bed time for a 6 year old? We have Miss Thang in bed by 8:30 and TV off at 9. Is that about right?

5. Do you have your kiddos bathe every night? This might sound like a weird question but for some reason they are on an every other night bath schedule right now. (Don't ask who started that... Not sure) I think they need more than 4 baths a week!!!! Just sayin...

I think that's about all I can think of right now! I'm sure there will be more questions later as this mother things progresses!

They call me mom sometimes... It’s so sweet. I'm not used to answering to it though... They have to say it a few times before they get a response. Ha. It will get better with time I'm sure...

I am still waiting on pictures from the wedding to share with everyone! I will have a post on the rehearsal dinner up later this week! Can you believe I didn't take any pictures of the actual rehearsal?? Ugh... Makes me mad thinking about it!! I do have wonderful pictures from the dinner though thanks to my wonderful SIL Char!! Seriously... She's great! I've been so blessed to have such a wonderful extended family!!

Till next time...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bridal Pictures

Hello blog world... Mrs. Randall here! I haven't got to say it enough yet! :)

I have wanted to put these pictures up for a few weeks now but I couldn't take the chance of Jason taking a peek! A few weekends ago we headed to Hot Springs to do bridal pictures. I absolutely love Hot Springs and thought it was a perfect place to do pictures! I think Niki did a fabulous job with them! We arrived late so we were working hard to get pictures in before the sun went down! Thanks to my wonderful FAST driving skills, Aprils help with the dress, and Niki's awesome picture taking skills we got them done in plenty of time!! So... without further ado here are my bridal pictures.

There are TONS other pictures that we have but I tried to pick out my favorites!! That's so hard to do when there are so many you love! I might do a Part 2 one day...

Niki and April... thank yall so much for such a wonderful day and your wonderful work!

I hope to be back to regular blogging soon! I have been reading all or yours almost daily but just haven't found the time to actually do my own posts! I also might have a review coming up soon! :)

We are leaving for our honeymoon in Vegas Thursday so please keep us in your prayers for safe travels!