Monday, March 26, 2012

Menu Monday

Two posts in one day.... I know. I need an award or something!

Today I'm linking up with Rachel for Menu Monday!


Guys night. The two men of my life have to fend for themselves. These two three ladies have a dinner and reading date! :)


We have a long/late softball practice this night so I decided to go with a simple crock pot recipe.

I'm serving this on buns like pictured above with potato salad as the side. This will be my first time to make it but all the reviews were awesome! It looks so simple to put together which is always a big plus in our house!


The kids go visit their mother every Wednesday for two hours so we normally don't have to feed them dinner. If I cook it's something that we can eat as leftovers the next day for lunch or we go out to eat on a dinner date. This Wednesday we are going to go on a dinner date but I am going to come home and make this dessert...

My mom used to make this all the time when she sold PC. It's a old one for them but such a good one! Yummy!


This is also another night that we have softball practice till late. I decided to do this crock pot recipe I tried a few weeks ago that the kids loved.

This recipe is also very simple to put together. We serve this over brown rice and the sides will be sweet peas, and biscuits. 


We are going to try a new recipe this night thanks to Rachel Ray...

I'm going to serve this with mashed potatoes, baked beans, and garlic bread.


If I remember correctly this is a lot like a PC recipe my mom used to make. Either way the kids and hubby love it and it's pretty simple.


I prefer to do simple on Sunday's because it's really my day for getting ready to start the week.

This week we are going to do plain and simple spaghetti. I will use sauce out of a jar and we will have it with garlic bread.

I look forward to seeing your menus and getting some new ideas! :)

Happy Planning!