Friday, May 4, 2012

Week 35

Starting next week I am going to start doing these up dates every week since I am now going to the doctor weekly. Yay! I say this every time I know but where has the time gone? This pregnancy has gone by so fast. I know it will be the same once baby girl gets here. Any ideas on how to make time slow it's fast paced butt down?

How far along? 35 Weeks

Baby's size? Honeydew Melon

Weight Gain? I'm up to a total of 26 pounds. I'm learning to just embrace it... Remind me of this when I have to take all this weight off!

Maternity clothes? Oh yes... Everything.

Stretch marks? Oh yes... I will show her one day of how much she is loved by the look of my stomach.

Belly Button in or out? Inny

Sleeping? Most nights I don't sleep very well... toss and turn. I maybe have a few nights a week where I can get some really good sleep. I'm praying tonight is one of those... I'm tired!

Foods I am loving? I'm getting to where I have no cravings and no room for food!I still eat though... don't worry! :)

Foods I'm hating? I don't hate any kind of food!

Movement? Much less kicks and punches and more rolls and turns. I think she is starting to run out of room!

Best moment this week? We had our baby shower last weekend. That was by far my favorite part! :)

Symptoms? Swelling and the hormones! Do you ever get back to normal? Please tell me yes.

Gender? It's a girl! Oakleigh Jade

What I miss? Being able to bend down and pick up something from the sitting position and walking like a normal person. Waddle much.

What I'm looking forward to? I start my weekly appointments next week! Whoo Hoo!!

Milestones: I guess you could call getting to weekly visits a milestone! I have less than four weeks left at work.

Emotions: Soooooo ready! I'm tired, swollen, and oh so ready!


  1. You look great! It goes by soo, soo much faster once they're born! I am in complete denial over the fact that it's May, I feel like I've skipped an entire month this year!

  2. You do look great! I love her name too! I was so ready at 35wks too... Im WAY ready now lol

  3. You look great!! Not too much longer will really fly by from here! Love her name too. :)