Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Completely Random

Random = Where I throw a lot of nothing in no particular order into one posting.

The weekend before last we all got together at my grandmothers for dinner. My mom had just returned from a 10 day Alaskan cruise (Yes I'm jealous) so what better reason to get together and eat! :)

This little cutie is going to be Oakleigh's favorite cousin.. He is almost a year old and I can't wait to see them play together! He is adorable!!!

Donovan is growing way to fast!

Mom loving on her grand baby that she missed!

A few weeks ago I should have played the lotto. Seriously. I won TWO blog giveaways in one week. That NEVER happens to me. I never win! What's crazier... both ladies I went to school with. I can honestly say they are both pretty awesome people.

I won a bow on Whits giveaway and decided Oakleigh needed a few more since Whitney
 has a awesome new Etsy shop! You should go check it out here... She's super crafty and we LOVE our new bows!

I also won this book on Megan's giveaway. I know she raves about how awesome Mom's on Call was for them so I can't wait to read this and hopefully get a few pointers for when Oakleigh gets a bit older. I also plan to pass it down to one of my prego friends! :)

Megan also put some goodies in the box for Miss O! Like I said... She's pretty awesome! :)

I have found a new hobby. I talked about getting a sewing machine here... well I LOVE sewing burp cloths! I think Oakleigh has way to many but I can't stop myself! I just love these prints...

 The big kids started school today... I seriously can't believe I have a kid in 8th grade and 2nd grade. Where has the time gone? Please stop growing! 

Miss O started daycare today. It wasn't as hard as I prepared myself for. I'm gonna guess that's because I stayed there for 45 mins before I left. Ha. I didn't cry so I rewarded myself with Chick Fil A after I left. Baby Steps...

These eyes... She will get everything she wants I just know it.

I hope you all had a great weekend! :)

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